Holistic Branding from Design to Publishing : : Les Artistes Café and Art Gallery

B R A N D I N G    W R I T I N G S  : :

(Followings are part of all propositions written for holistic branding. Some are confidential and not to reveal.)

Brand Positioning 品牌定位


Brand DNA 品牌構成圖譜

Superb Food (Taste)
Delightful Arts (Sight)
Exclusive Reading (Intellect)

品牌建構策略 Branding Strategy

01.| 形象廣告 Thematic Advertising

Les Artistes Café & Art Gallery is a upstairs cafe that provides a menu of western cuisine and non-alcoholic beverage, with additional space selling simplified Chinese books regularly and exhibiting collection of arts from local individual artists periodically.

Concept :
Where cakes become painting, while paints become your flavor

Execution :
Visually mixed tubes of oil paint with items of food & beverage

Body Copy :

Les Artistes Café & Art Gallery
+852 3426 8918

02.| 全線策動出版 Through-The-Line Publishing

“To Be” magazine is an established local printed periodic exploring words & visuals, and also is published by Drezier Communications

Concept :
Reinforce her cultural aspect along with food & beverage

Execution :
Les Artistes Café collaborates with “To Be” magazine snowballing intellectually & economically
“To Be Something” – a monthly e-magazine published online containing short writings, comics, photographic works, poems and book reviews
http://www.tobesomething.com – an independent domain hosting the e-magazine website which is written by Drezier Communications

03.| 策略性廣告 Tactical Advertising

“To Be” magazine has to announce to her reader splitting an e-magazine “To Be Something” online

Concept :
Splitting a new e-magazine from the original established magazine

Execution :
Splitting a pair of cards into two new hands on Blackjack table

Body Copy :
二〇〇五年八月推出《TO BE》新生號

二〇〇六年四月與 Les Artistes 攜手分冊出《TO BE》網上別冊


04.| Content Contribution Below-The-Line 徵稿策動

“To Be Something” e-magazine is published monthly online targeting 40-50 pages of contents. In a long run, it has to invite contributors to sustain its operation and build its readership

Concept :
No matter it’s good or bad, some will be gathered and they will appreciate

Execution :
Pixels and square-like Chinese characters were deliberately small that viewer must read very close, in such a way viewer will be look like flies gathered around (no matter they like it or not)

Body Copy :




網上文化藝術月刊 : //www.tobesomething.com

05.| Promotion Below-The-Line 推廣策動

“To Be Something” e-magazine must build its readership thus cafe’s customers

Concept :
No matter it’s good or bad, the more you see the better you will be

Execution :
Compound-eye view of a fly

Body Copy :
看更寬. / SEE MORE.

網上文化藝術月刊 : //www.tobesomething.com

C L I E N T  : :

Les Artistès Café & Gallery
| Food & Beverage
| Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

S C O P E  : :

Holistic Branding
| Concept Development
| Brand Identity
| Identity Applications
| Web Identity
| Publication & Writing
| Advertising & Conception

P R O J E C T    : :

| Café located upstairs
| Space for art gallery
| Simplified Chinese books for sale
| Consignment corner available
| Advertising for café & gallery
| Collaborating with To Be magazine
| Publishing online art magazine
| Programming the website
| Promoting publication
| Seeking for contributors
| Writing contributions