Drezier Communications (hereinafter ‘Drezier’) is an edgy yet savvy branding and design studio in Hong Kong. Dedicated to holistic branding and high-style communication arts, Drezier provides multi-discipline creative and design services, executes outside-the-box responsive strategies, and crafts problem-solving bespoke deliverables, from conception to implementation seamlessly.

Drezier Communication Recycling/Upcycling Name Cards :: Tailor Brands Dressier. Still the Planet Matters.


How to Brand – Sum of Communication Arts

Truly bespoke, no favourite design style or standard tactics is repeatedly employed. In the other words, Drezier (pronounces as ‘dre-zee-er’) undertakes necessary course of action to understand, to derive, to rethink, to implement and to sustain accomplishing assignment especially branding project.

01. | Understanding

We will study first thing deep into external atmosphere and internal environments, offline and online. Global trends, such as omnichannel in retailing, sustainability in environmental concerns, or even triple-bottom-line in corporate social responsibilities (CSR), are consolidated from primarily insight into our inspiration.

02. | Derivation

Further on deriving inspirational deliverables, Drezier believes brainwork is authentic. Above all, insight will be of the essence. Devoted to multiple art of conception and articulation, extensive thorough branding of a corporate or a brand (from vision, philosophy, DNA, culture, persona, positioning & tagline, image direction to marketing) is comprehensively masterminded, not purely designing identities. Truthfully, this articulation interprets holistic branding, the real branding in modern days. On that account, we endeavour to shape or revamp brands savvier for tomorrow. Still only draft of any design work is started in this step.

03. | Rethink

Rethink is as well critical. Cooling down from being too focused is a must. Drezier would pause crafting the project and resume later. By then, we will reinvigorate workmanship. Or uplift our proposition. Even re-examine our inaugurated objective. Perseveringly, we would rethink and refine deliverables towards a more appealing impression and superb calibre of the brand.

04. | Implementation

True to branding implementation, high-style artistic direction and cutting-edge creativity are fine-tuned for branding or re-branding. This applies to all tasks ranging from styling to art-direction, from pixellated to spatial design, from retailing to environmental touchpoints. Inevitably, we embody refined modernity and intellectual liveliness into commissioned brand to cope adversities of the future.

05. | Sustainament

Naturally, Drezier would create deliverables to sustain the brand. Meanwhile, we try our best to consider sustainability of the environment at the same time.

All in all, we tailor brands dressier. Still the Planet matters.


(To know more about our approach, read our post “Five Recurring Steps of Holistic Branding :: Our Evolved Comprehensive Approach of Branding” in our blog.)



Past & Present – Branding for the Future

Found in 2005, Drezier Communications has already engaged in fashion industry, and designed branding in style and projects of imaging with flair, adapting to environments as well as constraints. In 2007, we extended our hands further to mainland China; in 2010, to New York. At present, we have already branded or re-branded tens of brands, mostly in fashion retailing, based in Hong Kong, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, New Jersey or New York.

From 2016 onward, Drezier relocates back to our base and lovely hometown, Hong Kong, and serves the local – solely and wholeheartedly.



Award & Honour – Recognized Creativity



Credentials – Savvy Branding & Edgy Design

Our Founder & Artistic Director ::
Alan TF So

[cropped] founder and artistic director | Drezier Communication, Hong Kong | an edgy yet savvy branding and design studio in HK
  • Different works involved in styling, uniform design and outfits tailoring were accomplished before startup. Inasmuch Alan enjoys greatly trending fashion and styling:
  • Solid experiences in design management, visual merchandising and marketing in retailing on the ground were gained since 2007. Alan was a creative consultant for many fashion brands in mainland China till 2012:
  • Collaborating partners were built spreading over mainland China, New York and, mainly, Hong Kong across wide range of creative industry.



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