Corporate Social Responsibility

Drezier Communication Recycling/Upcycling Name Cards :: Tailor Brands Dressier. Still the Planet Matters.

Concern about the Planet :: Environmental Bottom Line

Drezier Communications has been running as an edgy yet savvy design studio for decades. Nevertheless, we have concerned with the natural world slowly but surely. This idea was fed into our daily action and tasks given. In 2017, we have revamped our image whereas to keep our long-using tagline “Tailor Brands Dressier”. We have hand-made some lovely name cards Still the Planet Matters. Thankfully, the work has won us an International recognitionMuse Creative Awards 2017.

Concern about the People :: Social Bottom Line

2020 is an important milestone. We start hiring underprivileged designer by joining a job immersion programme of the Dialogue in the Dark (Hong Kong) as a DE Empower Champion. Further, we will employ more and train them fully. Moreover, we hope they can become good independent designers.


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