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full identity design, Chinese name logo (green on white) with tagline
Green Hands Transit Posters all 3 posters on site


B R A N D I N G   W R I T I N G S  : :

(Followings are part of all propositions written for holistic branding. Some are confidential and not to reveal.)

品牌建構策略 Branding Strategy

01.| 品牌創立 Brand Building

“Green Baby Garden” wants to sell DIY fabric merchandises made by unmarried young mothers through their own platform

Proposal :
1. Build a brand sustain the scheme;
2. The brand must be registered as trademark;
3. The trademark works as a endorsement to merchandises;
4. Training are planned to provide fundamental skills of handicraft;
5. Courses are provided to teach basic knowledge of operating business;
6. Beginners of trainee sell merchandises under generic, single trademark;
7. Skillful trainees can sell sell merchandises under collaborating collection of their own name;
8. Expert trainees are advised to build their own brand as a long run

02.| 品牌命名 Brand Naming

The upcoming handicraft brand is an independent brand under “Green Baby Garden”

Concept :
1. Essence of recycling
2. Interpretation of handicraft

Execution :
綠色手板 Green Hands
The Chinese name of “Green Baby Garden” is 綠色小腳板, where 綠色 means “green” & 小腳板 denotes “little foot sole”. “Green” or 綠色 is to fortify the branding; whilst “hands” or 手板represents works of handicraft

03.| 品牌定位 Brand Positioning

The unmarried young mothers get job opportunity while they can take care their babies simultaneously

Concept :
1. Fabric handicraft brand
2. Invincible motive

Execution :
原創布藝雜貨品牌  為所愛  用心製
Original Zakka Made with Love for Beloved

04.| 品牌標籤 Brand Labeling

Fabric merchandises made by beginners and skillful trainees are required to differentiate

Concept :
1. Versatile to cope different merchandises, lines of collection & future expansion
2. Enhancement of fabric merchandises or zakka

Execution :
1. a generic 16mm x 11mm side label for small merchandises (such as table mats and lunch pouches);
2. an endorsement 26mm x 17mm side label (one side with trademark; one side blanked);
3. a generic 28mm x 48mm front label with positioning/tagline;
4. an endorsement 70mm x 26mm front label with a similar blank space as #2 to print their own name

05.| 產品包裝 Product Packaging

The scheme under “Green Baby Garden” is run parallel with a project of upcycling parent bag set

Concept :
1. Essence of recycling
2. Interpretation of handicraft

Execution :
1. Same idea of hang tag is used along with another project for Green Baby Garden;
2. A folded information leaflet is attached to the hang tag;
3. A sticker of merchandise information is pasted to the back of the hang tag;
4. Hand written merchandise information is suggested to enhance strength of feeling;
5. All merchandises are tagged with maker’s name or alias;
6. Each merchandise is given a customized name which includes her baby’s nickname;
7. A maker’s brief message or wish is written on the information sticker

品牌構成圖譜 Brand DNA

Handmade Flair
Belief in Recycling
Seeding Mutual Tenderness

品牌標語 Brand Tagline

原創布藝雜貨品牌  為所愛  用心製
Original Zakka Made with Love for Beloved

品牌故事 Brand Story


Upcycling 升級再造品,源於明愛轄下社會企業「綠色小腳板」,因為回收而來的二手嬰兒服飾或機構捐贈的物資,大多欠缺市場吸引力,所以我們特地組織一群年輕媽媽,發揮創意心思,靈巧手藝,化平凡為神奇,為看似無價值的東西賦予重生意義,升級成為精美的再造品。


C L I E N T : :
Green Baby Garden 綠色小腳板

| Second-hand baby merchandises retail
| Social Enterprise employing young mothers
| Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

B R A N D  : :

Green Hands 綠色手板

| Upcycling DIY merchandises brand
| Hong Kong

S C O P E : :
Holistic Branding

| Concept Development
| Brand Identity
| Identity Applications
| Trademark Registration
| Copywriting

P R O J E C T : :
Brand Creation

| To provide further job opportunity
| DIY fabric merchandises
| Unmarried young mother can work at home
| Take care baby at the same time
| Packaging merchandises
| Planning packaging methodology
| Promoting brand

C S R : :

| Planet – deliverables for a local brand selling DIY upcycling merchandises
| People – merchandise made by young unmarried mother with baby below 3 years old

H O N O U R : :
Creativepool Annual 2019
Branding Shortlisted [ + ]
Creativepool Annual 2019 Branding shortlisted
Creativepool Annual 2019 Finalist announced on Feburary 26, 2019.

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