Projects for & by Recycling :: Design and DIY

Rethink, remake and resolve. This is what we are continuously thinking of throughout our creative development process. Afterwards, we will make our work coming alive. We would creatively reuse of any unwanted objects. Upturn them usefully. Thus, their usable significance or resale value would increase exponentially. Recycling or upcycling is an essential, fashionable approach to relieve adversities of our living world and achieve sustainability. Drezier Communications tailors brands dressier. Still the Planet matters.

Followings are our works concerning the environment:

C L I E N T : :
| Drezier Communications, Hong Kong
| Green Baby Garden 綠色小腳板
| Green Hands 綠色手板
| in the Rye, Hong Kong
P R O J E C T : :

| Starting from 2006 up till now

C S R : :

| Deliverables for a local brand selling DIY upcycling merchandises
| Upcycling deliverables for social enterprise selling second-hand merchandises
| Upcycling deliverables for our own business card


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